Your Daily Horoscope for March 1, 2015


Mar-21 - Apr-19

Your energy is better spent on community or team projects -- personal stuff just fizzles out if you start on it now. That's not to say you should give up on your dreams -- just wait another day.

Aries Book of Horoscopes


Apr-20 - May-21

Your mental energy is great for coming up with ideas that are ahead of their time. Push them forward and make sure that you're backing them up when they're poked and prodded by skeptical minds.

Taurus Book of Horoscopes


May-22 - Jun-21

An obstacle on your career path seems much worse than it really is -- so make sure that you're not panicking. If anything, this could be something that gets you moving in a much better direction!

Gemini Book of Horoscopes


Jun-22 - Jul-22

You can tell that things are moving in the right direction -- but you may not be able to explain why that is, exactly. Just trust your gut and move on, and events are sure to prove you right.

Cancer Book of Horoscopes


Jul-23 - Aug-22

This is not a good day to lose your temper -- things could get seriously out of control! Just try to be the grown-up whenever possible and save any conflicts for tomorrow or next week.

Leo Book of Horoscopes


Aug-23 - Sep-22

This is a good time to hunker down and focus on one big project. Don't tackle anything new until you've moved beyond today, as things are getting pretty strange around the home or office.

Virgo Book of Horoscopes


Sep-23 - Oct-22

Your ability to make life beautiful is in high demand right now -- so make sure that you're really paying attention to detail. Someone needs your help in a big way, but you may need to offer before they ask.

Libra Book of Horoscopes


Oct-23 - Nov-21

Your romantic situation is getting a lift today -- whether you were expecting it or not! Maybe your sweetie has big plans for you, or maybe a hidden crush decides to make their move. Get ready!

Scorpio Book of Horoscopes


Nov-22 - Dec-21

Listen up! People near you are sure to have juicy gossip or interesting history -- and you should find that at least one story applies directly to your own situation. Things are just about to get really great!

Sagittarius Book of Horoscopes


Dec-22 - Jan-19

If you need a hand today -- and you will -- don't be shy about asking. You're sure to get what you need, though it may come from an unexpected source. Be open to nearly anything!

Capricorn Book of Horoscopes


Jan-20 - Feb-18

You are bridging the gap between physical reality and your spiritual side today -- so make sure that you're giving both sides equal time. Your life is taking a turn for the better, no matter how it feels.

Aquarius Book of Horoscopes


Feb-19 - Mar-20

What do you need more than anything? No matter what it may be, now is the time to take care of it -- things are turning your way, and your great energy is perfect for anything that moves you forward.

Pisces Book of Horoscopes

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